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Sunday Bible Study - 9:30 am  |  Sunday Worship - 10:45 am
Traditional Worship, Contemporary Thinking.

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Here I am late again on Saturday night with no really good excuse. Cindy did send you a note earlier this week reminding you of our lesson this Sunday…Romans 4. You also received an urgent prayer request from Kelli Reyes regarding a sad situation involving children, immigration, etc. I am anxious to hear if this has been resolved. Vacation Bible School is upon us!! So many of you are helping this year..I will get the complete list so that we can offer “back pats” as well as encouragement to all you brave souls. Be sure […]

Things I know…or think I know…. We meet again this Sunday in Hicks Hall. According to information sent by Carolyn last week…another class will furnish the snacks. Leesa, I guess you are still on hold for a later date.¬†Everyone I talked with regarding last weeks class was most complimentary. Our folks…David Martin and his family are in Europe touring London, Germany and Italy. Julie got a job! Sunday: Beth will provide Children’s sermon Debbie Rogers will sing “The Old Rugged Cross”. I have goose bumps at the thought…. Beth and Leesa will serve as Deacons […]

ALERT! Rabbi Levy will begin our curriculum at 9:30 SHARP. His topic will be “A Magical Mystery Tour Through the Jewish Star”. We should have a room full…maybe some visitors…might even need extra chairs. Rabbi Levy is retired now, having served Congregation B’nai Israel of Little Rock from l987- October 2011. I have a 3 page Curriculum Vitae which I will bring Sunday. He is quite a community leader and I am told his talks are very “punny” (not a typo). Don’t miss this opportunity. This will be a really special Sunday. We will ordain […]

Our new class member, Bill (yes, he told me he wanted to stay with us) has already volunteered! Things you might want to know this week: Our folks in the news–Fran on TV reporting that the outdated and no longer needed drugs handed over during the drug take-back event amounted to a successful drive. I don’t remember how many pounds were collected. It was a lot and they will be disposed of in a safe manner. Yea! Fran. Debbie Rogers is the new Chief Deputy State Treasurer and had her photo in the paper this […]

Did you see the World Series game last night? Cards or Rangers—got to say it was a WOW!..OK, so I don’t have a lot of news today. Sunday–we continue our sessions with Randy. We will be discussing another Mary—–Mary of Bethany. What do you know about her? The Children will have a combined Sunday School in Hicks Hall so that they can meet and hear Leena Lavanya. This years Bible School offering was given to Leena for her ministry in Southeast India.She has been called the Mother Teresa of India. Leena will also give the […]

Get out the snuggies…I think fall is really here. Our series of discussions with Randy continues this week with the “Feminine Face” of Hannah. Mike and I found our misplaced book…in the Suburban under Mike’s jacket. One should never lift anything to look under it when searching for lost items!!! :/ Some events you might want to put on your “to do” list: Tomorrow, October 15–Hillcrest October Fest. PHBC will be represented as well as some of our new friends..the farmer’s from our market. Also, from 8:00 til noon the Youth will be having a […]

A little chilly this morning…..makes me think about our annual Chili cook-off. Do you want to have it again this year? I think we usually have it in October. We can be thinking of a date…Turner house is available unless one of you has been planning it at your house all year–red pepper lights and pinata(John, please correct my Spanish) decor or……another idea…let’s go all western. We could wear western stuff and someone could play the guitar for us.(Ryan). Prizes would again be awarded. Maybe best costume would be prize worthy. Who wants to help? […]

We have news and a “who knew” this week. First the to do list and the news…. People in the news….Mattie won the “People’s Choice ” award at the Golden Scoop and Spatula gala last Sunday night. Her Carmel apple strudel thingy was soooo good with it’s 3 sticks of butter. Same event…Tim was on the winning side of the “Singing Bee” . No trophy for that!! Just lots of fun :/ H heard from Mason and learned that Stephanie is working nights and weekends at Children’s Hospital. Her hours are 7:00pm – 7:00am. When […]

Yoyo closes out July… …That doesn’t mean it is any cooler. It is with sadness that I let you know that tragedy has once again come to the Peyton family. You remember that Ginny’s Mom died a few months ago. This Tuesday, Ginny’s grandfather, Mr. Robert Tolson, Sr. of Pine Bluff and Rison, was killed in a single car accident. He was 89. No one was with him and no other person was injured. Not much is known, according to Steve, but he apparently lost control of his vehicle and was pronounced dead at the […]

JOKE! However, the best way to stay cool tomorrow is to come to the pool party at the Martin’s from 4-8 o’clock. Dinner around 6:30…..sometimes things are ready earlier and folks can’t wait…so, if your thing is dinner only, come earlier so you wont be left with crumbs and cold burgers! Besides, fellowship is always a big part of this annual activity. Bring the kids. First Adult in the pool wearing a Speedo or itty bitty bikini wins a prize for bravery! Don’t forget…kids will be there!! Thinking about the Martin’s….congratulations to David. David just […]

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