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Here I am late again on Saturday night with no really good excuse. Cindy did send you a note earlier this week reminding you of our lesson this Sunday…Romans 4. You also received an urgent prayer request from Kelli Reyes regarding a sad situation involving children, immigration, etc. I am anxious to hear if this has been resolved. Vacation Bible School is upon us!! So many of you are helping this year..I will get the complete list so that we can offer “back pats” as well as encouragement to all you brave souls. Be sure […]

We are very excited that our missionary friend, Leena Lavanya, also known as the “Baptist Mother Teresa”, will be visiting Little Rock October 28-November 1.  She will be with us on Sunday October 30 in Sunday School and Worship.  She’ll meet with a combined children’s class in Hicks Hall at 9:30 AM.  She will speak in worship at 10:45 AM. We have contacted our VBS families that are outside our church, and have invited them to come meet Leena on Sunday, October 30.  Leena’s ministries were the focus of our mission study each night of […]

Because Sunday was Pentecost and our order of worship was quite full, not much mention was made of our recent Vacation Bible School. This Sunday, however, it is our intention to do a bit of a retrospective, in order to give you a flavor of what the school was like. So, our annual slide show will take place during the children’s sermon time. The last few years, the nightly offering has become a “contest” between the boys and the girls. Usually, the gals wax the guys and come out way ahead. This year, for whatever […]

The A/C in the Sanctuary is up and running and I am told that is it doing a good job of cooling. YEA! Also, we will be meeting in our regular 3rd floor room Sunday. VBS was a hugh success. I won’t give away too many facts because I am certain you will hear many reports Sunday. It was wonderful each night to see so many from this class working with the kids. I will try to name them and hope I don’t leave anyone off the list. SonSurfers I remember: Mattie—–helped lead the whole […]

Last night we concluded our “Sonsurf Beach Bash” Vacation Bible School 2011, and it was a truly outstanding week by any measure! We ministered to 87 children and families—even though school wasn’t out until our last day!  We had set our dates around our youth mission trip, and then faced many snow make-up days. But you CAME! The mission offering to help Leena Lavanya and ServeTrust ministries in India collected $1441—-AN HISTORIC HIGH! Our AC went on the fritz in the sanctuary, so we moved assembly time to Hicks Hall and it WORKED BETTER in […]

What a good week of VBS this is!  This is our next-to-last night, so if you’re reading this, it’s not too late to come on down and join us! We have supper at 5:15 pm and close the evening with a program at 7:30 and ready to go home by 8 pm. I am leading the missions story time for three classes, and we’re learning about Leena Lavanya’s work in Andhra Pradesh, India.  The children are so attentive and fascinated to learn about the children in India. Over 70 children are here and ready to go […]

Last night was the first night of VBS, and what a night it was!  We learned the answer to the big question, “Who Is Jesus?”  Jesus is God’s son and He shows me how much God Loves me.The children wore funny beach hats and visors, with prizes being given out to the top 5 or 6.  The boys won the offering contest  with over $80 collected to go to our mission project, Share Trust!  The Seals and Seagulls won the attendance contest and will get popsicles tonight. Monday:  Why can I trust Jesus? I can trust Jesus […]

ATTENTION!   The combo will not meet in our room on the 3rd floor this Sunday! Why? you ask.  Our room has been occupied by SonSurfers.  VBS will be “froliking” there.  This does no mean “stay at home”.  We will meet in the comfort of the parlor. This is also 1st Sunday lunch.  Did you know that baked chicken is now being offered in addition to the usual fried variety? The catch is that you must order the baked.  Fried is the standard and you don’t need to order ahead.  If you do want baked…call […]

From time-to-time you have heard me tell how Vacation Bible School had such a marked influence on my life. Those of you who are closer to my age and generation will know exactly what I mean when I say that VBS was vastly different “back in the day” from how it is now. We were more rigidly structured, to say the least. Our opening assemblies more resembled what we typically did on Sunday morning, which means we were supposed to behave as we were expected to do during Sunday worship. We sang hymns and not […]

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