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Our own Dr. Randy Hyde has an article entitled “4 Signs Your Church Has Slipped Into Survival Mode” published on ethicsdaily.com.  Click here to read!

Did you see the World Series game last night? Cards or Rangers—got to say it was a WOW!..OK, so I don’t have a lot of news today. Sunday–we continue our sessions with Randy. We will be discussing another Mary—–Mary of Bethany. What do you know about her? The Children will have a combined Sunday School in Hicks Hall so that they can meet and hear Leena Lavanya. This years Bible School offering was given to Leena for her ministry in Southeast India.She has been called the Mother Teresa of India. Leena will also give the […]

Join us for a photo shoot with professional photographer Willie Allen of the Scott Plantation Settlement! When: Friday, November 4 at 4:45 pm. Where: Scott Plantation Settlement, 15525 Alexander Road, Scott, AR 72142 For questions or additional information, please contact Dr. Randy Hyde. You may reach him by phone at 501-661-1129. For additional information about the Settlement, click here.

A little chilly this morning…..makes me think about our annual Chili cook-off. Do you want to have it again this year? I think we usually have it in October. We can be thinking of a date…Turner house is available unless one of you has been planning it at your house all year–red pepper lights and pinata(John, please correct my Spanish) decor or……another idea…let’s go all western. We could wear western stuff and someone could play the guitar for us.(Ryan). Prizes would again be awarded. Maybe best costume would be prize worthy. Who wants to help? […]

Dr. Hyde’s sermon archive with written transcripts and mp3 audio is now available on the PHBC site!  Go to the sermon archive under the Member Resources tab.  The archive dates back to February 7, 2010.

Because Sunday was Pentecost and our order of worship was quite full, not much mention was made of our recent Vacation Bible School. This Sunday, however, it is our intention to do a bit of a retrospective, in order to give you a flavor of what the school was like. So, our annual slide show will take place during the children’s sermon time. The last few years, the nightly offering has become a “contest” between the boys and the girls. Usually, the gals wax the guys and come out way ahead. This year, for whatever […]

From time-to-time you have heard me tell how Vacation Bible School had such a marked influence on my life. Those of you who are closer to my age and generation will know exactly what I mean when I say that VBS was vastly different “back in the day” from how it is now. We were more rigidly structured, to say the least. Our opening assemblies more resembled what we typically did on Sunday morning, which means we were supposed to behave as we were expected to do during Sunday worship. We sang hymns and not […]

As most of you are aware, PHBC was in on the ground floorwith Interfaith Hospitality Network. I know pride goeth before afall, but I’ll use the p-word anyway. I’ve been proud that we werecharter members and helped pave the way for this fine program ofproviding housing for homeless families. As you are also aware, ithas not always been a seamless operation. IHN has gone throughsome difficult financial times, and had to shut down its operations for ten months. Back up and running, and having adopted the nationalorganization’s name, Family Promise of Pulaski County has hired […]

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