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Yoyo’s YACS Post for September 9, 2011

We have news and a “who knew” this week. First the to do list and the news….

People in the news….Mattie won the “People’s Choice ” award at the Golden Scoop and Spatula gala last Sunday night. Her Carmel apple strudel thingy was soooo good with it’s 3 sticks of butter. Same event…Tim was on the winning side of the “Singing Bee” . No trophy for that!! Just lots of fun :/ H heard from Mason and learned that Stephanie is working nights and weekends at Children’s Hospital. Her hours are 7:00pm – 7:00am. When she gets home Sunday morning she is exhausted. He mentioned to H that they might have to start coming on Wednesday nights.

Thinking of Tim…I notice that the yoyo notes have not made it to the website since July. He told me I needed to lighten up…say something funny, etc. So, Guys and Gals….give me some material!!!!

Don’t forget: Randy will begin our study of his book, Feminine Faces, this Sunday promptly at 9:30. We will have our prayer and praise time at the end of the hour. He has asked that we read the first chapter in the book as well as the study outline for that chapter at the back of the book. He wants us prepared. Sandy has asked that we fold our chairs and store them as well as move other items out of the room because a Family Promise family will be living in it next week. I believe we have 3 families with a total of 10 people. Sandy has volunteered to handle Saturday night supper for the Yac and Debbie(I think) will handle the Seekers night. Following Worship Sunday, we have been asked to help move the Family Promise beds from the trailer to the assigned rooms. Good news…they roll. The guests are responsible for their own belongings.

Kid’s choirs have begun..Wednesday nights at 6:00

Deacon of the week from the Combo–Sandy

Greeters from the Combo–Leesa, H, Janet and Kelly (sounds like a party to me)

Snacks H

“Who Knew” this week features Arrall Austin. Arrall is a native Vermonter who enjoys cold weather and even Vermont snow storms. His favorite type of food is Chinese. Arrall graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BS in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Physics. He enjoys writing computer code and learning a applying new ideas. Arrall has traveled through a majority of the U.S. but prefers being at home. He doesn’t care for traffic (his home town had one street light and one flashing light.)

One of the projects Arrall is currently working on is a prayer/youtube video sharing app called Prayer Warriors which (when Facebook isn’t breaking his

code) lets people share prayers with their friends and their friends, and tracks and visually shows how prayers are shared. It shows total number of people affected by each person’s efforts. “Who Knew?”

See you Sunday wearing my Feminine Face,


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