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Yoyo’s YACS Post for September 16, 2011

A little chilly this morning…..makes me think about our annual Chili cook-off. Do you want to have it again this year? I think we usually have it in October. We can be thinking of a date…Turner house is available unless one of you has been planning it at your house all year–red pepper lights and pinata(John, please correct my Spanish) decor or……another idea…let’s go all western. We could wear western stuff and someone could play the guitar for us.(Ryan). Prizes would again be awarded. Maybe best costume would be prize worthy. Who wants to help?

Kudo’s this week to Joni and Sandy for handling our Family Promise Week with such devotion and expertise. Thanks to Melissa for staying overnight. Thanks to Beth for helping the kids with homework. Mike and I stayed over a night also.

Thanks to Arrell for helping move the beds into the rooms last Sunday. I know none of these do the job for the “thanks”, I wanted you to know that these from the Combo are taking this opportunity for service. I probably forgot others who are involved.

I hear that Kelly has received some sort of honor but I don’t know the details. I just know I am so proud of her! We can get the scoop Sunday.

Farmer’s Market is winding down very soon–just two more Saturdays. What a success this has been…thanks to the Market Managers—both from the Combo–Melissa and Kelly.

We had such a good group last Sunday for the first in a 12 week study of Randy’s book. “Feminine Faces”. Twenty of us became a little better acquainted with Eve.

This Sunday we will renew our thoughts about Sarah–maybe even laugh with her! Be prepared–read the second chapter and remember–9:30 sharp.

This Sunday, September 18: Solo–Whitney Deacons of the week—Wendy and George Greeters—Melissa and Ryan


See you Sunday, yoyo


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