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Yoyo’s YACS Post for June 3, 2011

ATTENTION!   The combo will not meet in our room on the 3rd floor this Sunday! Why? you ask.  Our room has been occupied by SonSurfers.  VBS will be “froliking” there.  This does no mean “stay at home”.  We will meet in the comfort of the parlor. This is also 1st Sunday lunch.  Did you know that baked chicken is now being offered in addition to the usual fried variety? The catch is that you must order the baked.  Fried is the standard and you don’t need to order ahead.  If you do want baked…call the Church office pronto. 661-1129 will connect you to the right chicken!

I think our newly renovated church web site will be ready either today or tomorrow.  Tim presented it to the group Wednesday night and it looks great. There are so many things to know about it that he probably needs to go over it with the combo.  I have a feeling this group will be using it often….it can involve facebook…
Farmer’s Market.  From scanning the June sign-up sheet, I think closers are needed for the 11th and 25th. Hospitality (info folks) are also needed but I have forgotten the dates.  Let Carolyn know if you can help.  You can reach her by calling the chicken number.
You are invited to the Turner deck for lunch June 12.  We will discuss this Sunday…see if there is any interest.
Greeter from the combo–Mattie Rogers.


Deacon–Rhys: Couldn’t we find something for Benjamin and Claire to do?

See you in the parlor, Glynda

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