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Sunday Bible Study - 9:30 am  |  Sunday Worship - 10:45 am
Traditional Worship, Contemporary Thinking.

VBS Schedule of Events

Last night was the first night of VBS, and what a night it was!  We learned the answer to the big question, “Who Is Jesus?”  Jesus is God’s son and He shows me how much God Loves me.The children wore funny beach hats and visors, with prizes being given out to the top 5 or 6.  The boys won the offering contest  with over $80 collected to go to our mission project, Share Trust!  The Seals and Seagulls won the attendance contest and will get popsicles tonight.

Monday:  Why can I trust Jesus? I can trust Jesus because He loves me.  Children will wear their team color T-Shirts and start collecting autographs.  They will also wear Cool Sunglasses.

Tuesday:  Why do I need Jesus? Jesus died and lives again so that I can be a part of God’s family.It’s Crazy Feet Night!  Children wear wacky or mismatched beach shoes to VBS and continue collecting autographs on their T-Shirts.  It is also Group Photo Night!

Wednesday:  How can Jesus help me when I mess up? When I ask Jesus, He forgives me for the wrong things I do and helps me obey Him.  It’s Outrageous Beach Shirt Night!

Thursday:  What does Jesus want me to do? Jesus wants me to know Him better and tell others about His love.  It’s Class Color Shirt Night and contest for most autographs collected.  Since it is the last night, parents and guests are invited to the closing assembly in Hicks Hall at 7:30 pm, followed by an Ice Cream Social.

Every Night: Children have dinner, then rotate to their Bible Study, Crafts, Music and Missions before going to the closing assembly where they see an awesome skit, give their offerings, sing with the Praise Team, and find out the winners of the contests.


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