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Family Promise Week Starts Sunday

Hello Everyone —
This is just a reminder that we start Family Promise week this Sunday, June 26.  Thank you to everyone who’s volunteered for a slot (or two…or three…thanks Judy) for the week.  This is our first week back since the hiatus last year, so hopefully we’ll all remember the routine!  A quick update:  there are three families in the network at present; three little boys who are all three years old (there you go, Beth), a nine-year old girl and twelve-year old boy, and four adults.  For those of you who are cooking or providing meals, I understand that the families like salad a lot.
A change in the routine is that the families will now arrive at church in time for lunch on Sunday.  For those of you whose Sunday School classes are used for families, it would be really helpful if you could help with the break-down of your classrooms by beginning to put up the chairs at the end of Sunday School this week.  That way we can quickly set up beds and remove everything else from the classrooms before the families move their belongings in.  Since we now have to have someone at the church all day on Sunday, please let me know if that’s something you would like to help with especially during the afternoon.  (We have the concert at church Sunday evening.)
Another hole in the schedule that we still need to fill is next Saturday, July 2.  We don’t yet know the plans of the families for the day, but currently we still need to have someone on stand-by to be at the church between 2:00 and 6:00 that afternoon in case the families will be staying there during the day.  If you can take a shift during that time, please let me or Sandy know.
Dinner meals for the week are:
Sunday — Church Supper
Monday — Whosoever Class
Tuesday — Faith Class
Wednesday — Church Supper
Thursday — Flock Class
Friday — Seekers Class
Saturday — YAC Class
Please remind your Sunday School class if they have a meal to provide, and also remind them that we need folks from the classes to help with serving and clearing up at the meals.
Lastly, we’ve learned the dates that we will be hosting for the remainder of the calendar year.  Our next week will be the week of Sept. 11, and our last week of the year will be the week of Nov. 20, which includes Thanksgiving.  The latter week is still tentative, but we’ve been asked to take it if possible.  If you can tell me now of your availability for either or both of these weeks (especially the Nov. week) that would be great.
Please be on the lookout for any potential new volunteers for Family Promise…let me know if you know anyone who is interested.  Be in prayer for our church this week as we minister to the families who will be our guests.

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