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Dr. Hyde’s Tiding Post for June 14, 2011

Because Sunday was Pentecost and our order of worship was quite full, not much mention was made of our recent Vacation Bible School. This Sunday, however, it is our intention to do a bit of a retrospective, in order to give you a flavor of what the school was like. So, our annual slide show will take place during the children’s sermon time.

The last few years, the nightly offering has become a “contest” between the boys and the girls. Usually, the gals wax the guys and come out way ahead. This year, for whatever reason, the boys gave the most money four out of the five nights. It could be that we had more boys in attendance (I didn’t check on that). But, of course, winning the offering competition isn’t the point. Our purpose is to raise as much money as possible for our chosen mission point.

This year, our offering is going to Leena Lavanya’s ministry in India, known as ServeTrust. You may recall that last year Leena spoke in our church and told of us what she is doing in her native country. She has the amazing gift of seeing need (and there are plenty in India, as you can imagine) and responding with a ministry. So, she has spawned ministries all over India, everywhere she goes, and all under the heading of ServeTrust. Carolyn, who met Leena several years ago on a trip to India, serves on her board.

Each night during Bible School the children were told stories of Leena’s efforts, and because of our ability these days to have instant communication, we were getting immediate feedback from Leena and others who work with her. Evidently, the children went home and told their parents about what is happening in India, because our final offering tally was more than $1400! It is, by far, a PHBC VBS record.

You are being given the opportunity to participate in this offering as well. We are designating Wednesday, June 29, as our final time to receive gifts to Leena’s ministry. If you would like to give, and wish to write a check, make it out to the church and write either “ServeTrust” or simply “India” on the memo line. Carolyn tells us that Leena will be here some time this fall, and we look forward to her telling us how our gifts were put to use.

One final note about Vacation Bible School… We were having lunch after worship Sunday at one of the local cafeterias. A young mother of three, with a little one on her hip, approached us as her family was leaving the establishment. She spoke to me and said, “Aren’t you the pastor at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church?” She then identified herself and commenced to telling me that her two older ones had been in our Bible School, but because they were unable to make our final night she hadn’t had the opportunity to say thanks for letting her children attend. She then said – and I have witnesses! – that as far as she is concerned, we have the best Vacation Bible School in town.

You see? Even though this family attends another church, the impact of our ministry has reached them. There are other experiences out there, I am convinced, that tell the same story. Let’s continue to share who we are, and what we do with others. We may never know how they are affected by it, but they do, and so does the Lord. And that’s what we’re here for. Do you agree?

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