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Dr. Hyde’s Tiding Post for May 31, 2011

From time-to-time you have heard me tell how Vacation Bible School had such a marked influence on my life. Those of you who are closer to my age and generation will know exactly what I mean when I say that VBS was vastly different “back in the day” from how it is now. We were more rigidly structured, to say the least. Our opening assemblies more resembled what we typically did on Sunday morning, which means we were supposed to behave as we were expected to do during Sunday worship. We sang hymns and not choruses suitable to be accompanied by dance. There were no funny skits and the only thing projected on the screen were those film-strip stories in black-and-white (or were they sepia?). And, as I recall, we didn’t have themes so much as we simply did the same thing year after year. But still, I learned so much in those intensive days of Bible study, and carry those memories with me still.

I wonder if that will be so for our children now. I certainly hope so, but if not it will not be because of a lack of effort. I have been impressed over the years by the dedication of our leaders whose sole desire is to see that the children who come under our roof learn what it means to be followers of Jesus. I’m grateful to Becky Cornett, Gloria Kemp, and Mattie Rogers for taking this on. It is the second year that Becky and Gloria have teamed up as our directors (and, boy, are they good), but it just goes to show how much smarter they have gotten this year by adding Mattie to the team!

So let me express my gratitude to all those who have committed the time and effort to see that our VBS is even more successful this year than it has been in the past. And thank you for praying for them and for the children and their families. You just never know what hearts may be changed – and how – by this experience. We’ll put in the effort, and leave the results to God. That sounds like a plan to me.

* * * *

I doubt that enough of us know just how much time and effort Bob Leckie, our Property Work Group Leader, puts in at our church. Sometimes, I think he spends more time at church than the staff! Last week, Bob led another work day. This time it was held during the week, for the purpose of painting and spreading mulch.

Sunday, Bob handed me a piece of paper with some names written on them. They are the ones who came and helped out. Typically, Bob wants them to receive “credit” as well, and I’m happy to oblige. They were: Ted Snider, Haddon Brown, Ralph Brodie (fresh from his return of touring Civil War sites), Paul Bruns, Linda Bruns, and Steven Peyton. Thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work!

* * * *

This Wednesday evening, Tim Hyde will give an overview of our newly redone church website. We’re about to go online with this new site, and he wants you to see firsthand what it looks like, how you can use it, and the way it will be designed for getting out the word about our church. The staff has already received instruction on the site from the site designers. We will be able to make more frequent and thorough updates, and I believe you’re going to be proud of what has been done. Come Wednesday night during our mid-week gathering time and see for yourself!



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